Fred takes the Driver's Seat and let's us in on his new job at Reynard

 Credit: Jeyhoun Allebaugh, The IS Collective

Credit: Jeyhoun Allebaugh, The IS Collective

I asked our Former Fellow and Drive Change Liaison, Fredrick Coleman to shed some light answering the following questions: 

1. Where are you currently working? Can you describe it to the audience? What makes it a special place to work? 2. Why do you think you were able to get this position? What was the process like to get hired at your new place of work? 3. What's the most exciting thing for you about your new job? 4. Are there things you learned during your time at Drive Change that helped you get this positions? Are there things your learned at Drive Change that you apply to work on a regular basis? How did the Drive Change experience lead to this next step for you? 5. What are you hoping to get out of your new opportunity? What do you see for yourself in the next 5 years? 6. What's the best thing on the menu? Why?  7. What's the coolest thing you've learned so far at your new job? 8. What advice would you give to new Fellows joining Drive Change?

Fred's response: 

I work at Reynard's, it's a New American menu. What I love about it is that the menu changes often, keeps me on my toes.  I was able to get this job because of a good friend and coworker (Jared, Drive Change Culinary Arts Director). It was incredibly easy to get the job because I used my network; Jared and Nick, one of the sous chef at Reynard's, were cool and they both like my passion for food. The most exciting thing about working at Reynard's is the minds and ideas of so many people at the restaurant are so creative. There are two things I took from Drive Change: One was how to think and work fast...On the fly. The other is patience, one of the most important thing in the world of food. Drive Change helped me get my foot in the door, sometimes that's all you need. I want a new/exciting experience every day, as for the next 5 year still playing that by ear. The best thing on the menu is anything I make. Why? Because I made it ;)  The coolest and funniest thing I learned is that stinging nettles hurt. My advice would be to look inside and outside of yourself, you never know what you may find. Thanks Jordyn for letting me still help out with the mission.

Fred, I want to take this moment to thank you publicly for all you have done for Drive Change so far. We are where we are because of you, and your contributions to this work. You are, forever, Drive Change.