Over the next 2 Months we will be converting our Snowday Truck into a Drive Change branded food truck! We're pumped about this direction and it is all geared towards our exciting growth as an organization. We expect our boldly designed Drive Change Truck to hit the streets by end of August 2017. Our truck will be serving the same locally-sourced seasonally inspired menu you love. 

Drive Change has created a menu of signature dishes with ingredients based on seasonality. Our menus are subject to change based on the shifts in season, not from event to event. Each item on our menu represents a piece of our culinary curriculum/vision and is built with the intention of sustainability in mind - the food you order for your event is a reflection of the NY State’s most seasonal ingredients and our vision of using food as a tool for social justice.

When requesting our services you are helping us spread this vital message and supporting our Fellows. Together we are trucking towards a brighter tomorrow, one impactful bite at a time!

Our Food

Our fare is built with ingredients sourced locally, seasonably and sustainably. We know the best flavor is a byproduct of ingredients grown with great care, and the freshest ingredients come from the closest farms. With every bite, you’re pouring your money back into our local economy, as we source the majority of our ingredients from within 200 miles. With every dish, you’re deciding to take back our food production from the hands of multinational corporations, as we work hand in hand with small and family farms.

Choosing to dine with us, you directly impact the lives of our young people striving to create the futures they desire. As the mobile classroom for Drive Change, your patronage supports our work in dismantling the inequitable cycle of incarceration faced by so many in our communities far and wide. All food truck sales go directly back into the Drive Change program. Let us illustrate for you how something as straightforward as your lunch can be a dynamic force for change.


Award Winning History

Snowday (soon to be converted into a Drive Change branded food truck) wins the 2015 Vendy Awards! Best Food Truck in NYC !!!! VENDY CUP CHAMPS 2015! We also won the People's Choice Award. The first vendor in 11 years of the award to win both. Ever.